Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reviews are In (indulge me)...

LA-31 BIÈRE PÂLE was recently given terrific reviews by two of the world’s most respected beer experts in the April issue of All About Beer magazine. The editors of the magazine noted that LA-31 is crafted to compliment our traditional Louisiana cuisine like jambalaya, sauce piquant, shrimp Creole, chicken and sausage gumbo, fried seafood platters, crawfish bisque and ettouffe. Brewing a beer that pairs with Cajun and Creole cuisine was our little brewery’s original intent.

In his review for the article, Garrett Oliver, who is an internationally recognized expert on beer, brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery and author of The Brewmaster’s Table observed: “This beer has an attractive orange-amber color underneath a tight, off-white foam. The aroma is earth, nutty, and musty, with mild notes of fruit and mint. The bitterness stands up front on the palate, broad and brash, before the full-bodied malts pull the beer back into balance. Hop bitterness lingers after a long finish.”

Roger Protz, a highly respected beer authority and author of The Complete Guide to World Beer and 300 Beers to Try Before You Die wrote that LA-31 is “A pale gold beer with a big fluffy collar of foam, it has a nutty and fruity nose with hints of caramel, butterscotch and spicy hops. Intensely bitter hops burst on the tongue, along with tart orange/citrus fruit and sweet malt. The well-balanced finish has creamy malt, tangy fruit, a continuing hint of butterscotch and bitter hops resins. This is a quenching and complex beer - I wish it were available in curry-mad Britain as it would be the perfect companion for spicy Indian and Bangladeshi dishes.”

I am excited that a BAYOU TECHE BIÈRE was reviewed by such a renowned national magazine. Our petite brewery that only sells beer in Southern Louisiana appeared in a Belgian newspaper and now we have been favorably reviewed by an English writer and New York based brewmaster who are respected authorities on beer. I read Oliver’s The Brewmasters Table once a month and everything that Roger Protz wrote while my family and I were planning our Arnaudville brewery. When I was not brewing or drinking beer, I was reading about brewing or drinking beer. I am grateful that our first beer has been recognized by two beer experts whose writings have inspired me to open Bayou Teche Brewing.