Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How We See Bière

Currently, we are Louisiana’s smallest brewery.


When we were kids, all of the adults spoke French to each other.  And for a reason we could not figure out, it seemed that they laughed a lot more then when they spoke English.  It was an infectious, joyous laughter that often melded with the French words until it became an entirely different and near impossible language to interpret.


As the years have gone by, we hear less and less of the French being spoken.  And we hear a lot less of that joyous laughter.  I wonder if there is some correlation.


I also do not remember ever seeing my uncles or their friends drinking a Budweiser, Miller beer or Coors Lite.  They drank some Falstaff, Jax or Dixie beer brewed in New Orleans – or maybe a Pearl beer from Texas.   These regional beers were much more flavorful than the bland national brews that would be pushed into our local stores’ refrigerators in the late seventies.


We’ve been thinking about these things so we could let you know our vision for our brewery.  How do we define its’ success?  We know our success won’t be measured by selling more bottles of beer than anyone else – I mean we are Louisiana’s smallest brewery.  To sell that much beer you have to compete on price.  You have to water down your products and use as much of the least expensive adjuncts as you can get away with.  We do not choose to use synthetic hop oils (or synthetic anything for that matter) nor filter the life out of our beers.  We want to sell an honest, natural, full-flavored beer – a beer that does more than quench thirsts, it nourishes souls.


Our vision of success is to sell a few beers that stimulate a good conversation about a contented, well-lived life.  We would like to remember and learn from our roots and educate our newly made friends on the joy of drinking real beer and how to pair it with Cajun and Creole cuisine.


Our goal is nothing short of joie de la vie, and to do this we must stay Louisiana’s smallest brewery.


À votre santé.

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  1. Comment ca va?

    All of my Grandparents spoke French. They told me when they were young and in school, they were forced to speak English and were punished if they spoke French. My parents understood French, but they spoke English. I only know a few French words. That is sad. I wish I could have learned French.

    Also, I always enjoyed Dixie when I was young. I never went for the mainstream beer. I think that's what got me interested in craft beer and beer from other countries. Cheers!